Snack Attack: Froyo Blueberries

This weekend, I went to see Mr. Grumpy compete in an obstacle course. He was participating in the Cleveland Corporate Challenge on behalf of his company – and if his team won, the money they raised went to a local charity of their choice. Very cool. (Hey, just because he’s grumpy doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to help people!)

So, after I did this:


Wo000ohoo! It was actually about 6 miles, my GPS was a little off.

…I went to meet up with Mr. Grumpy to watch him compete. He was SUPPOSED to run at 11 a.m., and I was right on time. As I was driving over to the park, I said to myself, “Cari, maybe you should have worn sunscreen.” And then immediately dismissed myself since I would only be at the park for 30 minutes.

Five hours later, we were STILL at the park. And I was pretty badly sunburned. So sunburned in fact that I am now a blister queen. It’s pretty bad. I took a picture of myself so you could see how red I am:


I thought it was time the world saw this. This is me. At my first dance recital. I was a sweet ass lobster. This is basically what my body looks like right now. Minus the tinsel. (Thanks for that awesome lipstick, Mom)

So, Monday evening, instead of meeting up with a dear friend and watching the Indians play the Tigers, I sadly went home and lathered aloe on my back for the entire evening and stocked up on Motrin. I kept asking Mr. Grumpy to do me favors but he was not very pleased with my neediness. He claimed he couldn’t help me until the dishes were done, which ended up taking him 2 hours (no, this is not an exaggeration).

I needed a sweet treat that made me cool on the inside, even though my skin felt like a built-in heater. But, as you know I’m trying to not waste all the calories I lose by running by eating ice cream and drinking beer. So, I made these babies on Sunday night, and busted them out on Monday. It was the perfect answer to my troubles. So perfect, I wanted to just place them on my sunburn – but they were way too tasty to waste.

Froyo Bluberries – the ice cream alternative

What You’ll Need:

Sorry, we couldn’t get a really good picture of the froyo blueberries. Mostly because they were in my belly. Just imagine these, but white. And cold. The first image doesn’t really do them justice.

First, make sure after you rinse your bluberries you dry them completely. Otherwise, the yogurt won’t stick to them. Then, line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Next, one-by-one, roll each blueberry in the vanilla yogurt, so they are completely coated.

Place gently on the baking sheet. Once the blueberries are all covered and on the baking sheet, gently cover with plastic wrap. Place in the freezer overnight. Once the yogurt is set, you can transfer them into a Ziplock bag or a freezer-safe container. But don’t do it like I did and put it in the Ziplock BEFORE the yogurt is dry. You’ll have yourself a chunk of blueberry yogurt ice blocks.

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