About Me

Cari and Mr. GrumpyHi there! My name is Cari, and I’m excited to share my life adventures with you. I live in Cleveland with my wonderful boyfriend (whom we fondly call Mr. Grumpy) – he is notorious for making “grumpy” faces, but is deep down the most charming man on the planet.

We like to race on our feet and bikes. I like to cook and bake as much as I can (gotta eat up the  calories we burn during our workouts!). I also love home decor and crafting things I find on  Pinterest as much as the next girl. A typical night in our apartment is: 1. Cari cooks dinner. 2.  Cari makes a super big mess. 3. Mr. Grumpy takes six hours to do the dishes. 4. Cari and Mr.  Grumpy snuggle while watching some terrible TV show. 5. In bed by 10. Do we have a pet, you  ask? (Sore subject, guys…) Yes, we have a lovely green house plant named Ernie who has died  and come back to life nearly 7 times. Oh, you meant do I have a puppy? Again, sore subject…

I love trying anything new. So feel free to share your findings with me as I share with you! You  can always provide me feedback by emailing me at cari.j.steiner(at)gmail.com (or fill out this  handy dandy contact form below!)

And so the adventure begins…


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