Some Fun. in Cleveland

When Mr. Grumpy and I were just starting to get serious about each other (no, Mr. Grumpy – this did not happen last week), I got us tickets to go see The Decemberists at Cleveland's awesome Nautica Pavillion. For those of you who do not live in Cleveland, the Nautica Pavillion is an outdoor concert area in Cleveland that sits right along the river. It's a pretty cool place. Anyway – about an hour before the concert started, Mr. Grumpy backed out. He didn't want to go. I was beside myself. Obviously this meant he was DUMPING me and didn't like me, right? Plus, who was going to go to this concert with me now? Well, I wasn't used to his grumpiness quite yet, and about 15 minutes later Mr. Grumpy called back and said he would go with me (in his most cheeriest of grumpy voices… I could HEAR his eyes rolling on the other side of the line). 

Boy has Mr. Grumpy come a long way. Since then, we've been to a few other concerts in which SOMETIMES he even sings along!! One of his favorites (and one of mine, too), was seeing Fun. at the House of Blues last year. It was one of those shows you never forget. So, when I got my hands on the presale password for Fun. at Nautica Pavillion, you better believe I jumped on the computer to get tickets. Fun. had been touring for two years, and it was so obvious how far they'd come.

Photo (16)

They had ALL the tricks – including bouncing glow orbs and confetti. They put on one of the best shows so even if you're not familiar with all their music, you should go just for the entertainment. You won't regret it. Here are some videos of the night.  



Definitely worth the $50 per ticket (note that their tickets last year only cost $20 a piece… ah what fame will do to you). And NO that wasn't me screaming "It's COMING TOWARD US." That was the drunky girl in front of me… 

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