Sunday Snack Time and the new addition to our family…

Did your heart stop when you read my header up there? Well DO NOT FRET, my friends. Mr. G and I did not add tiny little grumpies (save us all) to our apartment. We also did not buy a puppy… (which makes me grumpy). However, when Suzie Q and DS visited this weekend, and Suzie Q asked to see our babies … (Yep, this happened) the look on Mr. G's face was pretty priceless. And then he proceeded to hide underneath this blanket on the couch… while I looked in HORROR at Susan wondering what on earth possessed her to think we had babies. Yikes… 


You should know this is also his safe place when we have to talk about anything gushy… like love. I prefer to hide under there when we have to talk about gushy things like… paying the bills.

What Suzie Q was ACTUALLY referring to was our new washer and dryer. She had already named our new washer and dryer but I was so in shock by them being referred to as our babies, I really have no idea what they were being called.


I'm going to call them Queen Frostine and Gramma Nutt. Why – Cari, are those Candyland characters, you ask? Yes, readers. Yes they are. Why would I name my washer and dryer after Candyland characters? Well, we discovered that when the washer and dryer are done with a load, they sing this AMAZINGLY cheery song, as if we were traveling into the Candy Castle, and a pack of Lollipop kids were welcoming us into the world of clean clothes. 

Our washer and dryer arrived when I was at Camp Blogaway, and this song was of course the first thing Mr. G mentioned. He told me it was just too much for him to handle, so he had turned it off. When I came home and heard it for myself, I felt pure joy. Therefore, I made a rule that it must stay on. Mr G doesn't really take my rules seriously… we've been battling it out ever since (i.e., I put a load in, he goes and turns off the song. I turn it back on with only 1 minute left on the load, and when the song plays Mr. G makes one of his notorious Grumpy faces). It's been quite fun. You're welcome to come over any time and do a load or two, if you promise to keep the song on. 

So, meet our new family members. Tadahhh! Now, let's eat something because I'm sure that whole thing about babies made you about as sweaty and clammy as it made me. 

Whenever I'm stressed, I like to eat comfort food. Well, sometimes comfort food is sorta fatty. And by sorta – I mean there is really no way to make a fried bologna sandwich without clogging a few pores and arteries. So, when I discovered I had a few zucchinis in my fridge, and noticed that I really should use them up, I decided to make zucchini chips – i.e., mini fried zucchini. 

I received this amazing OXO vegetable slicer at Camp Blogaway, and my life will probably never be the same. So, decided this would be the opportunity to try it out and see if I could use it without slicing off one of my fingers. 

Sunday Snack Time: Zucchini Chips


What You'll Need:

  • 2 small zucchini
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 cups Italian bread crumbs
  • 2 tbsp Lemon and Pepper Seasoning (McCormick's)
  • 1 cup of milk
  • OXO vegetable slicer or a very precise knife
  • 1 cup of canola oil

First, take your handheld veggie slicer and slice your zucchini on setting 2. If you do not have one of these, you should seriously invest, people. I'm not kidding. Your life will change. You'll have time to do things you never imagined you could do. Like … vacuum. (No, I didn't vacuum, but I had TIME to). If you do not invest, that's cool. I won't be pushy. Just take your zucchini and make really thin coin-shaped slices. 


Next, pour your milk into one bowl. In an additional bowl, combine the flour with the Lemon and Pepper Seasoning. If you don't have that either, no biggie. Just add about 1 tbsp lemon zest to about 1 tsp of pepper. Next, in a third bowl, place your Italian bread crumbs. 

First, toss your zucchini pieces in the flour, making sure each slices is evenly coated with flour. Then, dip them into the milk. Then, place them in the third bowl to cover with breadcrumbs. If you aren't a fan of the milk, I should mention you could also use an egg. 


Now that your zucchinis are all covered with breadcrumbs, heat a deep pan (I used my wok) over medium-high heat with 1/4 cup of canola oil. Let the oil get hot. I had my stove on about one to two notches over medium, if that helps. Then, slowly add in your zucchini pieces, one at a time. Cook each for about 30 seconds on each side until a light golden brown. Remove from oil and place on a plate on top of a paper towel. Repeat this until all your zucchini pieces are fried, adding more oil as you go (you'll likely end up using about a cup). 

IMG_2463You can eat them all right away (we dipped ours in the Cucumber Dill Feta dip I found at the grocery), or you can store them in your fridge in a tupperware container and munch on them as needed. 

This will get rid of your Sunday munchies (which we definitely had today). 

Disclaimer: I was provided the OXO handheld slicer as part of my involvement at Camp Blogaway. The opinions are my own, though. Yes, I really did love it. And yes, I still have all my fingers. No, they did not ask me to review it. Phew. Got through that disclaimer stuff…


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