Guest Post: Suzie Q’s Points to Ponder

Since Mr. G is coming home tonight and I CAN NOT WAIT (stop making a grumpy face, Mr. G), Suzie Q is taking over with her first offical Points to Ponder guest post!

Take it from Suzie Q – she has many lessons we could all learn from – especially when it comes to the weird sh*t kids say. Enjoy, folks! (Suzie Q picked out her own images!!) 

Suzie Q's Points to Ponder

Overheard during a 7th
grade research project:  “Jelly Fish
don’t do much but you can put them on peanut butter sandwiches!”   Note to readers  -  Never
eat anything a 7th grader offers you!!

Sq 1
I got up late on Thursday and what I REALLY worried about was
“Do I have enough time to make coffee?  Do

When I finally DID get to work, I spent the morning with a colleague
that cusses like a truck driver.  (I miss her!)

Sq 3
Note to CHAD (this is my brother whom I'm pretty sure doesn't read my blog yet…) –
send your Mom a text message that says “Mom  I need  your help” 
Did I mention it was sent at 11:00 at night??

Sq 4
I had a class come in and I did a “Book Talk” for 2 books (NO
ONE checked out either one of them!)  As
the teacher was leaving she said “Do you ever do any Book Talks??”  True story!! 
Just Happened!!

I am off to make coffee and my own pbj! And it
looks like I better brush up on my Book Talks!

Happy Reading!!



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